How to Make the Yard a Safer Place to Play

by Olga Golikova 09/15/2019

Children and pets love to play in their backyard - it's like their haven. Even if you have a room with a lot of space, these little bundles of joy will some way find themselves out there. So as a homeowner, it is vital you make your backyard a safe place for your kids and pets to play.Here are seven ways to make certain your kids are safe when playing the backyard.

1. Lay down safety rules

Create time with your kids to write down safety rules for outdoor play. Write the rules on a paper and place it somewhere visible. Also, make sure their playmates adhere to the rules. The list might include: No pushing, No fighting Stay away from the pool, etc.

2. Get rid of tripping hazards

Before your children go out to play, go around your yard and pick up items that could be tripping hazard like hoses, ladders, dead branches, and stones or bricks, and any other thing that could cause them to trip.

3. Install a fence

A well-installed fence can help give you peace of mind that your kids are in your yard when you are in the kitchen or far away from the line of sight. A fence will prevent them from wandering off into the street as well as deter strangers from interacting with your kids.

4. Eradicate toxic plants and weeds

You wouldn't want your children and pets to eat poisonous plants accidentally. So make sure you scout out these harmful plants and weeds in your yard and remove them. Speak to your veterinarian and pediatrician about what plants might be poisonous to pets and children. 

5. Put in place safe landing pads.

Ensure the playhouse, swings, slides and other structures are padded with a softer ground area to help prevent any fractures or injuries when your kids fall. Doing this may cost you a pretty penny, so if you opt for a cheaper method, use playground sand. Also, make sure you check their play structures for signs of wear.

6. Invest in outdoor lighting

Kids love playing outdoors in the evening so investing in outdoor lighting will make space bright for kids to play as well as discourage burglars from entering into your home.

7. Install a pool fence, covers, and alarms

Having a pool in your home is a whole lot of fun, but when it is in the yard, safety precautions need to be primary. If you have toddlers, you will be wise to install a fence to prevent them from drowning. Also, you can set up pool alarms in case someone falls into it. 

The backyard may be your space for grilling, but to your kids, it’s a place for exploration and summer fun, so make sure you make it safe for them to play. Don't leave grills and grilling utensils where children might access them.

Let your real estate professional know if you need special spaces for your children or pets so that they can find the best solution for you.

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